Top 10 Uncomfortable Truths


By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

Dec 13

My newsfeed, and no doubt yours, parades 20+ listicles every day, many of them regurgitating the same tired, old advice.  I’m taking a slightly different approach.  Here are the ten top truths that most people either don’t believe, vehemently oppose, or, in moments of lucidity, cringe at in secret recognition.

Why uncomfortable truths matter.

When something is true yet uncomfortable, it’s harder to see.  Most people will let their filters screen it out.  Let the truth stay invisible.  Unchallenged.

If you want to do work that really matters, this means confronting things that make you and other people uncomfortable.  It takes some courage to do that.

The pay off can be high.

Keep in mind that these are provocative by design. Some of you will want to argue with me.  Some of you might feel a wave or two of righteous indignation. That’s cool with me.  You are welcome to disagree with me.  I love a good, healthy debate that advances understanding. If you are a fragile sort, stop now.





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