Professional Recommendations

I first met Alicia in a Vistage networking group.  She was very skilled in helping identify areas for improvement and holding the other members accountable.  I have since hired her as a fractional "Chief People Officer".  Although she provides HR services and advice to all our managers and employees, I most value her executive coaching.  As a CEO, I truly value an external coach that helps me identify areas for improvement and solutions.  As an added bonus, Alicia helps me with recruiting.  I feel like I'm getting three services in one package.  I highly recommend Alicia.  You will be impressed.

 I first met Alicia in a Vistage networking group.  She was very skilled in helping identify areas for improvement and holding the other members accountable.  I have since hired her as a fractional "Chief People Officer".  Although she provides HR services and advice to all our managers and employees, I most value her executive coaching.  As a CEO, I truly value an external coach that helps me identify areas for improvement and solutions.  As an added bonus, Alicia helps me with recruiting.  I feel like I'm getting three services in one package.  I highly recommend Alicia.  You will be impressed.
Brad Crump
 President at CertiTrek

Alicia Parr is an outstanding individual who possesses a true wealth of knowledge and business acumen. Do you need help fixing or improving organizational issues and people processes? Talk to Alicia and let her help you become bionic. She will give it to you straight, which is always the most honest, powerful and effective way of growing and getting better. I have known and worked with Alicia for several years, and believe me, when Alicia talks, I listen!​

Duncan Shaw
President at DTS Translation

Alicia was an incredible resource to our team. We leveraged her experience and expertise to guide our People Operations team to maximize employee performance. She also helped to expand my view of the business to include the people operations angle, in addition to my natural finance view.​

Tim DeBone
 Finance & Operations VP at Windsor Circle

I have had the privilege of having Alicia as my mentor and coach at PerforMentor. She has had significant influence and has offered refreshing insights as we designed and implement our People Operations process. Alicia is exceedingly passionate and has exceptional vision for her craft.​

Suzanne Haight
People Operations Manager at Windsor Circle

The execution of your business requires human systems to drive the right behaviors and Alicia is great at visualizing and constructing those systems.  She serves well as a leadership partner with a view toward the people that make up your business.  She can identify gaps and workable solutions within resource constraints.  She can also help you train the right capabilities to help your people succeed.  Feel free to contact me directly if you are considering her help.​

Shashi Mudunuri
CEO at Research Square

I had the great opportunity to work with Alicia at Research Square for over four years. She was instrumental in helping to grow our company. In the process I learned a ton from Alicia and I'm so thankful for those learning experiences. She is a dedicated, loyal perfectionist and an inspiring professional. Alicia is a forward thinker and she's truly motivated to help with growth at all stages and levels. Not only does she care about growth at the company level, but she also cares deeply about growing employees. Alicia is able to put processes in place to both address immediate needs and to also prepare for future needs. She has my utmost respect and she'll earn yours too! I highly recommend Alicia for any company looking for a results driven strategist.

Rochelle Cupelli
VP of Finance at Research Square

Alicia is a proven leader and culture builder. She has a unique combination of being both a systems level thinker and an empathetic relationship-builder. This enables her to solve complex challenges at the strategic level but do so with the intricacies of a company culture in mind. She is relentless in her commitment to empower and develop individuals, and I am incredibly appreciative of the time she has dedicated to me and my team.

Brett Nicol
Marketing Director at Research Square

One of main reasons I have enjoyed Research Square is because of what Alicia and her guidance of the HR department have created. The HR department is light years beyond what I have experienced at any other firm. What makes it unique is that it truly focused on the people of the company. Major efforts and programs were put in place to advance people in their skill sets, expose people to new ways of thinking, helping train managers how to best communicate and coaching them through issues. This was done at all levels of the company through 1-on-1 and in groups. The team she guided stayed in constant contact with employees, getting constant feedback through discussions and surveys, being an advocate for change, partnering with department leads to put in place processes that onboard and train employees, while keeping an emphasis on the company culture.

Given the rapid growth during her years at Research Square, this is no small feat. So many companies lose their company culture with rapid growth, but Alicia kept it a major focus and the culture is strong and a critical factor of Research Square’s success. This created a very open, honest, and thriving environment, where HR was there to help people grow. Alicia lead these programs and created a fantastic place to work. When recruiting for the Engineering staff, this culture and the true HR support of the people was a fantastic selling point! I have learned a tremendous amount from Alicia on how to create a successful business by keeping a close pulse on the needs of the people and balancing that with the needs of the company.

Peter Scott
Engineering Operations Director at Research Square

In five short years at Research Square, Alicia has dramatically improved and scaled our HR function while our company has more than tripled in size. Alicia is incredibly knowledgeable in all things people management and is our strategic leader in championing our company culture, executive coaching, benefits program management, legal employment best practices, and talent development. She has taken us from 60 employees to over 170 and at every point along the way has ensured that our people are supported. In my role as our operations lead, I personally appreciate Alicia's strategic, systems-level approach. She makes big-picture improvements to benefit our team, and she has an affinity for operations management that makes our collaborations and communication very easy. We are lucky to have Alicia on our team.

Sarah Taylor, PhD
Vice President of Operations at Research Square

Alicia has built the HR function at Research Square, putting fundamental systems in place and moving HR into a position of strategic importance within the company. Alicia has expertise in both the operational and strategic components of HR and has not only helped scale our contractor recruiting processes and employee training programs but also guided our structure, culture, and people strategy as a member of the executive team. As we’ve grown from 60 to 100+ employees, Alicia has helped us maximize the value of our PEO, launched healthcare, 401k, and profit-sharing plans, implemented employee satisfaction surveys and initiatives, and created onboarding and ongoing education programs for employees and managers. She has been an invaluable HR partner and a coach to me and other leaders across the company. I am a more capable manager and stronger leader because of her mentorship, and Research Square is a better company because of her presence on the team.

Deric Corlew
Vice President of Business Development at Research Square

Alicia is a rare breed which contributes to her strength as an HR executive. Empathetic, good listener, she understands the importance of culture/fit combined with business drivers + big picture vision. Committed to the highest levels of excellence, she is also a joy to work with!

Grace Ueng
CEO, Savvy Growth

I've had the pleasure of working with Alicia over the past couple of years while contracting at Research Square. While setting up my own consulting company, I've emulated many of the people processes that I learned from Alicia. This has literally put us several years ahead of where we would otherwise be as a 15-person startup. I still remember thinking at the first quarterly meeting that I attended at Research Square, "Wow! I wish any company I'd worked at over the past 25 years cared this much about celebrating the success of their people!". I recommend Alicia highly to any organization that wants to do their utmost best to support the success of their people..

Bart Bartlett
CEO at DemandZen

Alicia is one of the sharpest minds you will ever meet in the area of business strategy, intelligence, high performance capacity, rational-emotive cognitive behavioral theory, and resilience under adversity. Her clarity of thinking and the amount of business insight that she is capable of bringing into the C-Level conversation is a tremendous asset to her organization.

Ark Rozental
Chief Digital Officer at B2H

Alicia is a perceptive direct focused results oriented and effective developer of organizational talent assets. She is fully engaged and dedicated to mastery of both content and process, and is a superb consulting resource.

Stan Smith
CEO at Human Patterns

Alicia is a great coach and mentor, and not just within the HR field either. She has a deep business acumen that can be applied to oodles of business problems or opportunities, and the ability to zoom way in or way out as the situation demands. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Alicia, and she's been a tremendous asset to our organization!

Amy Rawls, PhD, PHR
Human Resources Director at Research Square

Alicia has the foresight and initiative to be at least one step ahead in any given situation. She knows what trends and business practices warrent a deep understanding and then turns that knowledge into well grounded, no fluff actions that make things happen. She follows through, without fail, and does what she says she was going to do. Her professional and personal accomplishments are solid proof. Action is definitely a theme here, and Alicia's intellectually witty style and ability to map out a clear plan for success makes for someone I not only fully trust, but look forward to working with.

Cathi Loftin, SPHR
Human Resources Director at Parata Systems