meet Alicia Parr

I believe in the power of business to create good change.

I believe that business is a tremendous vehicle for creating innovation and value for our society.  By cultivating an ecosystem that encourages and removes barriers for venture creation, the community wins.  More innovation creates local, national, and global impacts.  More people do fulfilling work and earn a livelihood for their families.  That, to me, is a win for the community, and that kind of win means we want more healthy, growing businesses.

I use organizational engineering to solve people problems for growth businesses.

People problems. Every business has them because every business has people. And growth, as awesome as it is, actually causes some of these people problems.  These problems then, sadly, impact business growth.  When this happens, you, the visionary, are forced to take your eye off the ball.  This is the biggest reason that promising businesses fail to thrive in the long run.

Systems- and design-thinking get at the root cause.

Your business is special and wonderfully unique.  It really is.  Your business is also subject to the same principles that influence performance in all businesses. These are principles that describe how human beings work best together and perform optimally as individuals. I have learned how to use these principles to quickly discover the root cause of people problems by identifying organizational design and other systemic influences.  I can do the same for you.

I have a track record of success.

I do fractional Chief People Officer work.  This means that I specialize in leadership, people operations, culture, organizational design, new HR team mentoring, executive coaching, and custom talent systems. For those who put a high premium on track record and achievements, I have:

15+ years of HR experience in mid-market businesses with teams from 50-2000 strong

university education in business, mass communication, and psychology

expertise in human performance, adult development, and business leadership

broad accomplishments in endurance athletics

I have recommendations. Find out what other people say.

I push boundaries. I innovate people practices.

Business leaders know that innovation and differentiated value creation in products and brand are an important part of long-term business success. I believe that innovation and differential value creation in people and organization make these things possible. I believe leadership is meaningful work and that doing it well is hard and frequently uncomfortable.  I believe a healthy, trust-inducing organization improves your business’ odds of success.

This means you gain by pushing boundaries inside your organization too.

I can’t promise you answers to every possible problem. I can promise you unwavering focus on optimizing your business’ people dynamics for growth. The reason I am relentless about improving and innovating how people work together to succeed is because that’s what I do and what I care about. It’s not a choice so much as a compulsion.

My background.

I’m big picture, pragmatic, and objective. These characteristics drew me into business school and through a bachelors in marketing and a masters in mass communication concentrating in advertising. I believe in business as the engine of progress and I want to be part of that. Early on, I explored work experience in sales, customer service, sign design and manufacture, and training.

Finally, I picked the Human Resources track and rode that for over 15 years and developed a full toolkit of traditional HR components.  Along the way, I picked up organizational engineering know-how and gained expertise in empirically proven management science.  More and more, I recognized that most "people problems" have their roots in organizational design. 

What drives me.

I’m fascinated with how people perform and succeed. I have always been endlessly curious about why some people seem to be more successful than others and why some groups of people respond to challenges more effectively than others. This drive to learn about people and performance pulled me into studies about human dynamics and management science that continue to this day. Applying people performance expertise and organizational engineering to the business setting is the foundation for the work I do now.

Social Proof.

I have recommendations. Find out what other people say.