Strategy Capability Mapping

Too many businesses fail to scale because they don't have right leadership.

If you care about results, you need to KNOW that your leadership team is the right one to win with your business’ strategy.

Today, it’s common for founders and funders to rely on theories, intuition, and abstract ideals to identify right leadership. This approach, by itself, leaves you with blind spots.

Use science to win more.

Empirically proven management science shows us that your strategy can only be executed by leadership capable of at least the same level of complexity as the complexity of your strategy. Complexity of leader capability refers to the ability to manage ambiguity, look around corners, anticipate challenges, and act today with the future in mind.

These things are measurable.

When you supplement your leadership identification instincts with a STRATEGY CAPABILITY MAP you access science-informed actual success criteria for right leadership, and you are less blinded by selection biases and you investments have a sustained strategic advantage.

This is organizational engineering.

How it works.

We emphasize rigorous data collection with minimal disruption to your operations and work rapidly to provide high-impact insights in less than a month (contingent upon access to leaders for assessment).

  • 1-on-1 structured interview
  • dilemma-based written assessment
  • management team observation
  • Human Patterns psychometric assessment

What you get.

CAPABILITY GAP REPORT: Your business' level of strategy and leadership team implications.

INDIVIDUAL TRAJECTORY & TALENTS MAP: Greater objectivity about the peak capacity and talents of each team member.

STRATEGY-TALENT TRAJECTORY MAP: Gaps and opportunities for future growth and/or transformation.

HUMAN PATTERNS PSYCHOMETRICS: Profiles of missing and leverageable talents and preferences.

RECOMMENDATIONS & NEXT STEPS REPORT: Debrief and implementation consultation.

  • Investor debrief and organizational advice.
  • Assessment debrief and coaching session for assessed leaders.