Executive Coaching

The hour I spend with you every two weeks is more valuable than all of the other coaching one-on-ones I have.

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I specialize in targeted Leader-Under-Pressure Coaching, when you aren’t sure why the leader isn’t keeping up, and Leader-in-Transition Coaching when the leader takes on a new broader role or is transitioning to a higher stage of capability. This Full-Speed-Executive Coaching method also works great for already strong leaders who are fully committed to continuously maximizing their leadership capability.

Coaching Philosophy

Executive coaching is more targeted and high-impact when founded on the science of capability and high-performance management principles.  By identifying the capability and talent demands of a role and then establishing an objective baseline measure of the coachee’s capability, my coaching method precisely targets critical-for-performance gaps.  I find the root cause of leadership challenges so we spend less energy mollifying symptoms.

Diagnostic Process

The diagnostic process establishes hypotheses about what is causing the gap between current performance and full readiness.  These hypotheses can then be tested through assessments and targeted coaching.

The diagnostic process consists of:

  • establishing & documenting the reasons for coaching
  • identifying the coachee’s applied capability gaps
  • identifying barriers & blockers to full applied capability
  • assessing knowledge of and ability to apply sound managerial principles


Assessments to Establish Baseline

Capability Trajectory

Through a 1-1 interview, written dilemmas, and work observation, I identify the current capability and developmental trajectory of the coachee.  Knowing this capability indicates the ideal role scope both today and in the future.


Talents & Preferences

I use a thorough, rigorous psychometric assessment to identify natural preferences and potential blindspots to be leveraged and designed around for maximum professional success.

Human Patterns Summary
Role Requirements

Through team consultation, organizational review, and strategy complexity assessment, I am able to identify level of capability and talents required in the role in an ideal scenario.  This provides a comparison point to the coachee’s capability and talents for targeted coaching.


Roadmap Coaching

How do I promise faster results than most coaches?  I use coaching methods based on the science of capability, talents and preferences, and an understanding of high-impact management principles.  These include vertical stretch coaching, management principles coaching, talents optimizing, blind spot coverage, and blocker removal.  I call it roadmap coaching because coaching follows a custom roadmap that adjusts with progress and changes in role context.

Thanks so much for your time today and willingness to help with (this issue).  I see why you seem to be universally loved! 

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