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Sep 04

The Big 5 Leadership Principles

By Alicia | use science to win more

One of the hardest things to commit enough time to in a fast-growing business is training our new leaders how to be effective managers of people. Unfortunately, a lot of off-the-shelf leadership training talks about scary compliance, managerial tactics, leadership styles, and other fluffy stuff.  Not exactly people science.

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Feb 12

The Trust Algorithm

By Alicia | strategy execution , use science to win more

Trust is the foundation.  Trust is the glue.  Trust is the magic pixie fairy dust that makes your business better.  We all love trust– all the kinds of trust – trust that people will do what they commit to do, trust that people will keep promises, trust that people will behave consistently, and trust that people will seek to benefit the greater good with their decisions. When you have it, trust feels good.

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