Dec 14

Truth #1 – Not Everyone is Cut Out for Leadership

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

Nope.  Not even most people and maybe not even you.  Not even if everyone gets trained in the latest, most coolest leadership capability model you or your CEO have read a book about.  Not even then.

The most effective leaders are born with baseline talents AND they do the work of building skills, knowledge, and habits of greatness.  Both are necessary and neither by itself is sufficient.

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Dec 13

Top 10 Uncomfortable Truths about the Business of People doing Business

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

My newsfeed, and no doubt yours, parades 20+ listicles every day, many of them regurgitating the same tired, old advice.  I’m taking a slightly different approach.  Here are the ten top truths that most people either don’t believe, vehemently oppose, or, in moments of lucidity, cringe at in secret recognition.

Why uncomfortable truths matter.

When something is true yet uncomfortable, it’s harder to see.  Most people will let their filters screen it out.  Let the truth stay invisible.  Unchallenged.

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