Apr 13

Why Businesses Fail to Scale and Thrive

By Alicia | use science to win more

If you are invested in a business’ success, I am talking to you.

You are a funder.  You provide business loans, venture funds to accelerate growth.  Or you’ve acquired an underperformer to invest in its recovery. You are a founder that wants to stay at the helm and grow for a few years before exiting.

Whether founder or funder, if you are invested in a business over a multi-year horizon, you want to maximize value creation over that time period.  You want that business to grow and scale.  You don’t want that business to limp along injured and exhausted– you want that business to thrive.

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Feb 15

Truth #9 – Managers are Accountable for Employee Performance

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

Let’s talk about being a manager.

I’m not just a manager, I’m a leader!  So you say. Now don’t go spreading yourself too thin. There’s more to this manager thing than you know.

Remember what I said in Truth #8 about performance reviews?  I said that you, as a manager, are responsible for the performance of everyone on your team.  And you know what?

I am 100% right about this.

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Jan 25

Truth #8 – Performance Reviews Aren’t the Problem

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

You can’t get through a week these days without reading about another high-profile, progressive, cooler-than-teal business eliminating performance reviews. So provocative!

The story goes like this: Do you hate those horrible, lengthy, largely irrelevant standardized performance review forms your HR department forces on you? The solution is simple. Get RID of them. Throw babies out with bath water! Be penny wise and pound foolish! Overuse tropes for questionable effect!

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Jan 18

Truth #7 – Best Practices Rarely Are

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

Best practices are so last year!  Perennially.  By the time a practice gets labelled as best by some authority, there’s an innovator somewhere finding a better way. Or, more likely, a better way for their situation.

Best practices are what you use when you aren’t sure and want to be safe.  When CYA is more important than OMG.  As in, OMG this is awesome!  Yes, best practices can be lower-risk practices.  But “best”?  Don’t believe the hype.

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