Jul 04

Ten Laws of Company Culture

By Alicia | culture and values , use science to win more

I’ve been a practitioner of HR for many, many years.  From that seat, I’ve observed, fostered, and shaped company cultures.

People tell me I’m good at it.

Much of what I did was intuitive—instinctual.  While that’s a great start, it doesn’t do you much good unless I’m working with your business directly.  In this post, I’m writing down what I believe I’ve learned so you can apply this knowledge to your business.

I’m calling them the Ten Laws of Company Culture.

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Jun 19

You’re Probably Wasting Money on Leadership Development

By Alicia | use science to win more

Business leaders I know react one of two ways to this statement.

  1. Ha!  It goes to show what you know.  We don’t bother with that fluff.  We’re too busy working.  Our leaders learn on the job.
  2. No way!  We know how important it is to equip our new leaders with how to do things.  We know we need to groom future leaders.  We do stuff…and things…and read books by Lencioni, Collins, Reis, and Pink.

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Apr 13

Why Businesses Fail to Scale and Thrive

By Alicia | use science to win more

If you are invested in a business’ success, I am talking to you.

You are a funder.  You provide business loans, venture funds to accelerate growth.  Or you’ve acquired an underperformer to invest in its recovery. You are a founder that wants to stay at the helm and grow for a few years before exiting.

Whether founder or funder, if you are invested in a business over a multi-year horizon, you want to maximize value creation over that time period.  You want that business to grow and scale.  You don’t want that business to limp along injured and exhausted– you want that business to thrive.

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Feb 15

Truth #9 – Managers are Accountable for Employee Performance

By Alicia | uncomfortable truths about people

Let’s talk about being a manager.

I’m not just a manager, I’m a leader!  So you say. Now don’t go spreading yourself too thin. There’s more to this manager thing than you know.

Remember what I said in Truth #8 about performance reviews?  I said that you, as a manager, are responsible for the performance of everyone on your team.  And you know what?

I am 100% right about this.

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