Speaking and Training Topics

The Trust Algorithm | Alicia Parr | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.

I can be booked to present and train on many topics that help you build a great people-organization ecosystem for your business.  Some possible topics are below.

  • 5 Principles of Great Management: Upgrade Your Business
  • How to Think Like a Chief People Officer: CFO/COO
  • The Ten Laws of Company Culture
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Building a People-Organization Ecosystem
  • Balancing Ego and Humility
  • Enhance Diversity: See Past the Just-Like-Me-Bias
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills: Vertically and Horizontally
  • The Secret to Role/Person Fit that Nobody Has Told You About


chat iconContact me if you would like to discuss alternative topics that meet your team’s specific needs.