why you need a Chief People Officer

One thing I think Alicia does very well is making people issues much more straightforward! Thanks for your invaluable help!

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Are you growing fast?  Do you have people?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these two questions then you have people problems. If not today, then next week, next month, and next quarter. That’s just how things go when you mix high-octane change with human nature. And it's these sorts of problems, when left unchecked, that will result in a failure to thrive and live up to your expectations.

When you begin promoting people into managerial roles, that's when the risk of people problems begins to rise. That's when business problems look more and more like people problems.   As your business grows from 9 to 99 people strong, there are predictable challenges that your leadership must overcome in order to take your business to the next level.

Here are the most common root causes of people problems that you’ll see in quickly growing businesses:

With this stuff, a lot of business leaders muddle through and learn as they go. Muddling through is a wonderful way to learn a whole lot. The problem is spending your mental capital on people issues when you really ought to be attending to your biggest growth levers. When this happens, you will benefit from ‘big picture’ organizational expertise to tackle all the things I talk about above (and more).

What if you can’t justify a full-time role?

This is why you need a fractional Chief People Officer.

All businesses need a Chief People Officer. Not to run the business, nor to replace the Management Team, HR Manager, or the COO. A Chief People Officer is an organizational engineer that can evaluate the gaps and stress points in your organization and people systems. 

Your organization is the people-filled vehicle that will deliver your strategy.  Make sure your vehicle is primed, tuned, and built for the kind of performance that your strategy and business model demand. When you do that, you have fewer people problems, make more money, reduce long-term costs, and make the impacts you want to make with your business. You build a thriving business.

Small investment, big returns.

I can make a truly remarkable difference in just a few hours. Some of my clients are quite happy to engage me for just 1-2 hours to solve the toughest challenges and know that they can call me up when any new need may arise. Others retain me for a few meetings a month, so that they can stay ahead of potential issues before it becomes a problem. Some engage me to help build customized people practices that deliver maximum benefit with minimum friction. Whatever your need, I am confident that we can find a model that works for your business. Please call me, our initial meeting is completely free with no obligation.

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