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My name is Alicia Parr and I use empirically proven management science to create humane organizations that maximize growth, trust, and creativity in business.

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Getting right people in right seats for your biz today & tomorrow.​

Structuring your org for agility, performance, & trust.​

Purposefully scaling & aligning your culture for growth.

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I write about the business of people business and how to win more using empirically proven management science.

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Alicia is a proven leader and culture builder. She has a unique combination of being both a systems level thinker and an empathetic relationship-builder. This enables her to solve complex challenges at the strategic level but do so with the intricacies of a company culture in mind. She is relentless in her commitment to empower and develop individuals, and I am incredibly appreciative of the time she has dedicated to me and my team.

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Marketing Director at Research Square

I tune in to the needs of the growth business executive.

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